Which Is the Better Option: Having Your Pet Cremated or Burying Them?

Should I Cremate My Pet or Bury It? Which of these options would be better? It is only natural that when we lose a much-loved animal companion, we look for a way to honour their memory in some way. For some folks, this means locating the nearest pet cremation provider, while other people want to bury their dogs in the yard or garden at their own residence.

As a company that specializes in the cremation of pets, it should come as no surprise that pure souls cat cremation believes that cremation is the most fitting way to honour the memory of a dog or cat.However, they also believe that there are a few legitimate reasons why you should not bury your pet in the backyard.

Cremation is the more prudent and wholesome choice.It could seem like a simple and courteous way to memorialize your pet if you bury them close to your house but doing so might really put the lives of other animals in danger.In most cases, a potent poison that may remain in the corpses of buried animals for several months is used to put an end to the suffering of pets. Any animals that try to dig up the remains might end up seriously ill or even dead because of being exposed to the poison.And if your pet passed away because of a contagious illness, its burial could put the health of other animals or even people at risk. 

What happens if you relocate?At some time in our lives, most of us will end up relocating for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to obtaining a new job, getting divorced or married, or just outgrowing our current residences.When that occurs, there is a good likelihood that you will be leaving the remnants of your pet behind. If a new homeowner moves in next door and decides to put a pool or flower bed in your yard, they run the risk of accidentally disturbing the final resting place of your beloved pet.

What are your options if this is not permitted?Your neighbourhood might not allow you to bury your pets on your land if the community has rules against it. These rules could vary depending on where you reside. (At the very least, they may have restrictions because you are required to bury your pets.) There’s also a possibility that monument providers won’t build a memorial for your pet in your garden or yard.

The Positive Aspects of Deciding to Have Your Pet Cremated

Cremation of pets is a more ecologically responsible choice than other disposal methods since it does not involve disturbing the ground or as was discussed earlier, the release of potentially harmful substances into the earth.Cremation is typically more cost-effective than professional burial for pets, and it gives you more flexibility in choosing how to memorialize your departed companion animal (decorative pet urns, for example).

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