Must-Have Things to Pack When Travelling with Your Dog

We all have that common checklist on the essential items to pack when travelling – phone, keys, wallet, clothes, and many more. However, when you’re travelling with your canine buddy, there are more things that you need to add to the list to make the trip enjoyable and comfortable for your pet. It is common for pet owners to forget some of those pet essentials if it was their first trip together. To help you pack completely, here are the must-have things you need to pack when you’re travelling with your dog.

Food and Water

These two things are basic to your dog’s needs. Even if it’s just a short trip, you need to be sure that you have enough food and water so your dog won’t starve or get thirsty during the travel. It is also best to stick to their usual diet during the travel to avoid stomach issues or feeling upset. To make them more comfortable, you could also pack their usual food and water bowls and use it during their feeding time while on the road. Don’t forget to pack some snacks and treats for your fur buddy as well.

Bed and Carrier

Rest is important to your dog just like it is for you. Your dog would feel more comfortable when you pack his bed with you during the travel. You could place it on the backseat to give him some place to rest during the travel and place it on a quiet corner if you’re staying in a hotel. The familiar smell of their bed would help soothe them especially when everything around them seems new. If you’re commuting, it would be a lot easier to carry your dog in a dog carrier. Find the best dog and pet carriers online for a convenient travel for both you and your pet.

Waste Bags

It might not look much but waste bags are greatly helpful during travel with your dog. It would make cleaning and disposing your dog’s poop easily and properly when you have packed this on your pet travel bag.

Leash and Dog Tag

Even if you trust that your dog is fully trained, it wouldn’t hurt if you have a leash, collar and dog tag with you during the travel. These gears help a lot especially when you’re taking breaks on the roadside or just exploring new places with your fur buddy. Since there are so many new things and scents to explore, it is better to keep your dog on the leash to avoid problems or worse, losing them somewhere.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit always comes in handy, both for you and your dog. Since pets have different medicines than humans, it would really help a lot if you have a separate first aid kit packed for your pet. Be sure to pack the basics – antiseptics, gauze, bandages, tweezers, and even calming medications in case your dog feels anxious during the trip.

You could still add more things to the list to keep your dog happy and feeling good all throughout the trip.

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