Different Types of Toys for Your Dog

Dogs are naturally playful – whether they are still a puppy or already grown. It’s natural for them to play or chew on things especially when they can’t spend out their pent-up energy. Different dogs play uniquely from each other.

While others just enjoy tugging and pulling at things, some may prefer chewing stuff. Giving your buddy the right dog toy for their play preference could greatly help in this situation. You’ll get to save your stuff from being played or chewed on while giving your dog something that would keep him entertained.

To help you choose the right one, here are the different types of toys depending on play preference.


Balls are almost one of the basic dog toys. There are even so many options to choose from – from a regular ball to glow-in-the-dark ones. Dogs can enjoy their toy ball in a variety of ways and it is up to you and your dog to discover which game it likes. When choosing a ball for your pet, be sure to choose one that fits just right in their mouth without the risk of swallowing it. A regular tennis ball is the common choice but there are also bigger balls for big dogs and smaller balls for tiny dogs.


Squeakies are another favorite toy of dogs. The squeaking sound it makes catches your dog’s attention instantly and awakens the playful spirit in him. You could choose from squeakies that are made from a plush material or not.

When choosing a squeaky toy, consider the chewing habit of your pet. For strong or aggressive chewers, it is best to choose a toy that is made from thicker material such as rubber to make it last longer. For mild chewers, vinyl or plastic squeakies will do.

Retrieving Toys

If your dog loves to play fetch and retrieving games, then he’d totally enjoy retrieving toys such as discs. You can play fetch with it just like the regular ball but the shapes of retrieving toys are more interesting than a ball. You could also do more challenging throws by varying speed, angles and direction. This helps to keep your pet entertained and train their body on more active play.

Tug-of-War Toys

Ropes and other tug toys are perfect for dogs who love pulling on things as a form of play. If you have several dogs at home, it would be a perfect toy for them to keep them active by themselves. Tug toys come in different forms and are made from different materials such as rope or rubber. Be sure to choose a tug toy that is strong enough to withstand the pulling and biting of your dogs and replace immediately when the toy shows signs of wear.

There are still plenty of toy options for dogs and it is all up to you to figure out which one of those you think would be much enjoyed and appreciated by your beloved pet buddy.

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