Rules and Regulations for The Safety of Your Dog

We love dogs, but however much we love them, there are many times that we inflict pain on them unknowingly. This has been observed by many dog lovers, which is the reason why many animal loving nations have created rules and regulations for the safety of dogs.

Laws regarding stray dogs

Dogs wandering about without the control of an owner or a carer may be considered as a stray dog. There have been many instances where people have lost their bellowed companions, simply because of them been careless on securing them or not wearing them with proper identification.

  • Dog registration
  • Dog identification

The above two are must-do actions, if you do not want your beloved dog to end up in some animal welfare organisation or a local council animal pound.

Laws for traveling with your dog

We hear many stories of men who had accomplished epic journeys alongside their companion dogs. It has been the kick-off for many movies and world-famous novels in the later days. Dogs are excellent companions to many great adventurers and travellers in the past. Even today, a dog riding in a car, a motor cycle or running beside someone is a very common scene you see on the roads. But do you know the dangers that could happen in such travel? Therefore, many countries have imposed laws such as;

  • Taking your dog for walks only on footpaths or nature stripes (this is to avoid crossing with pedestrians)
  • Do not leave your dog in the car unattended for long hours
  • Always make sure to fasten your dog when traveling in a car and maintaining a safe speed

These are some of the most common rules and regulations for traveling. Some countries do not enforce strictly on these laws, however, countries like Australia are very strict on these. In areas like NSW dog restraint laws are strictly observed. And they impose heavy penalties on any such law breakers. 

Laws regarding dog attacks on a person or property

The owner or the keeper of a dog is accountable for any damage, injury or loss caused by the dog to another person or their property. Here the fault lies clearly on the keeper of the dog, but unfortunately it is the dog who has to face the consequences.

There are many reported tragic incidents where dogs have been injured, some even killed upon entering a foreign neighbourhood property. This can be justified as a lawful action in the case that person feels it necessary for his or her life protection because certain dogs could be pretty ferocious and dangerous. 

Therefore, the protection of your dog lies in the keeper’s hand, he has to make sure they are safely secured and prove no danger to any outsider.

The gradual increase of such related incidents has demanded the attention of many governments of countries all over the world. Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia are a few of the European countries that are most severe on observing these laws.

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