Animal Options offer a conventional & progressive veterinary clinic, ward, pharmacy & vet surgery operated by highly qualified veterinarians for all small animals.

Veterinarian Checkup With Dog - Ears

Animal Options Veterinary Clinic offers diagnosis and treatment by highly qualified and certified veterinary surgeons.

We offer you and your pet OPTIONS for treatment, we provide:

  • high level veterinary care options in medicine, surgery and diagnostic services including in-house laboratory, digital xray & ultrasound.
  • complementary therapies of acupuncture, soft tissue manipulation, chiropractic treatments, chinese herbs, homeopathics and/or naturopathy.
  • a tailored combination of both therapies

All the Animal Options pet doctors are fully qualified veterinarians & surgeons, some with additional diplomas in Animal Chiropractic, Acupuncture and/or Chinese Medicine or others have completed extra studies in ultrasound, internal medicine, nutrition or cardiology, etc. Whatever your pet’s worry, we have someone that can help.

Services Offered

Structural and functional examinations:

Professional treatment and full x-ray facilities caters for all lameness, undiagnosed problems, geriatric and all canine performance problems. We work with a large number of champion working, show and sporting dogs; including police and service dogs, champion agility stars and winners in the show ring.

Dog In Vet Surgery Dental Cleaning

Why do so many choose Animal Options?

  • Many clients who have experienced the Animal Options approach happily recommend their friends and acquaintances
  • Our team of Vets and Nurses love what we do and this is reflected in the way that we treat your Pet and you
  • A holistic approach to the whole body so we can find a solution for your pet’s troubles, not just masking the symptoms
  • Our Patients enjoy coming to see the Vets and Nurses here and get excited, often pulling their owners through the door to get in or howling as their car approaches exit 45 on the M1
  • Animal Options Veterinary clinic has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is geared toward making You and Your pet feel comfortable here
  • Our number one priority is to ensure that we treat your Pet the same way we treat our own
  • Because the staff are always warm and friendly and you know your dog or cat is happy to be here
  • We strive to always make sure that you are kept fully informed every step of the way by explaining everything that we are doing and why, in words that you can understand
  • We know that bringing your Pet to the vet can be a stressful time for both of you and that is why our caring staff will always listen to your concerns and give you a range of options for treatment that you feel comfortable with
  • Our regular clients tell us that they enjoy bringing their Pet here, “It’s not really like other vet clinics”,  “You should see their neat hydraulic tables”
  • We have a 100% commitment to return your Pet back to it’s optimal health using a number of different treatment options that are unique to the Animal Options clinic
  • Our staff undertake regular continuing education to stay up to date with the latest advances in Veterinary science.
  • Great medicine, surgery, diagnostics and much, much more
  • Where else can you find an experienced, certified, qualified animal chiropractor in a dedicated veterinary clinic?


Equine Options

We do not provide any horse care or treatments at Animal Options. If you need assistance with large animals please contact the Equine Options team at